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Should you need technical assistance to enhance your search engine rankings, GearySEO can deliver your desired results and conversions.

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seoWeb Design Has To Be Built With Content and Optimization. It narrows down to one important factor. "Why spend the money on a website if no one is going to see it?

Doesn't it make sense to use the services of an SEO/SEM who has the ability to get competitive keywords and phrases and then promote their web on Social Media website, like Twitter, Facebook and Stumbleupon?

It is both exciting and important to remember that the Internet is still a child and developing by leaps and bounds. I have always believed the Internet is an extremely powerful marketing tool and what better way to market your product and/or service, via a website. That is why SEO/SEM has become such a sought after profession. Major companies now are spending tens of thousands monthly to have their webs optimized and marketed. Even the mom and pop webs have seen the value of a good SEO.

I approach web development and design with SEO and SEM (Search Engine Market or manipulator as some say) in mind. In otherwords, if you don't give the search engines what they want, don't expect traffic to your web. I'm not one for the fancy. I keep the site widely navigable, accessible, built with flexibility, content, and focus on optimization. A lot of people believe that graphics make a web. Sorry, a great site's priority should always be content, and graphics should only be eye candy and support content. However, there are some exceptions, like photographers and artists.

If you look at the Internet today, 80 percent of the web sites (including Forbes' Fortune 500 companies) are filled with poorly constructed web templates, worthless navigation, and takes forever to download, which makes the user impatient and most important, not one ounce of SEO. SEO/SEM services will help you get into that 20 percent.

If the user cannot find the site interesting within the first few seconds or less, it is off to the next web. I know of no web owner who can afford that.

The Infamous SEO/SEM
The process of being an SEO/SEM and now Social Media Marketing is not just submitting a web to search sites and walking away. It is the tricky and artsy process of researching the site, optimizing, tweaking and building 'quality' inbound links, and more - so that it reaches its fullest potential and a step beyond. It becomes harder everyday. Why? Competition!

When you are looking for an SEO/SEM there are six basic questions one has to ask.

      1) How long have they been in business?
      2) Many web designers claim they are SEOs, do they understand the elements of content writing and tweaking, links building, code/script writing, meta tags etc. And know how that is implicated in design?
      3) Are they willing to provide you with client tract records and statistics report?
      4) How many referrals do they have?
      5) Do they use white hat techniques and are ethical?
      6) No SEO/M can guarantee sales and/or inquires, if one claims they can, walk away.

It is all about SEO/SEM goals and strategy

My services include, but not limited to the following:

  • Meet with client to discuss SEO/SEM goals and strategy, this would include but not limited to, analyzing the competition and report on their flaws, make recommendations to current website design, develop both common and niche marketing strategies and inbound link campaigns. Many times this starts with a audit report.
  • Total optimization of website (e.g. meta tags, content tweaking, alt tags, site maps etc) to influence search engines positioning.
  • Develop content-rich text to penetrate awareness of your target audience and to search engines.
  • Develop an effective Paid Marketing and/or fixed fee campaign that targets prime, 2nd and 3rd tier keywords and phrases.
  • Manually submit the website to build anchor links with directories and other quality websites. Develop a quality inbound and/or link exchanges programs with content related websites, including Social Media website.

  • Developing business plans for long term SEO/SEM/SMM with consultants, CPAs and attorneys, with such things as budgets, projected goals, and SEO copyright services
  • Provide weekly/monthly search engine tracking, page views, and analysis reports on search engines and directories

The biggest misconception (as many owner think) that SEOs will generate sales or inquires. NOT TRUE - thats the owners/websites job. If any SEO could guarantee sales/inquires, they would be able to pay off the national debt (about $14 trillion). An SEO/SEM will target the right clients/customers and make your web Internet Friendly and that's just the start. Doing so, they try their best to put your web in the best possible position to make sales and/or inquirings.

For more go to SEO Tips and Pointers

So please email me if you are interested in web design and/or SEO/SEM services. I will get back within a day, if not within a few hours.

Take care and best wishes,

Kip W. Ives

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